Hellywood Pedophiles are Real and Actually Drink Adrenochrome Harvested from Torched Children

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Heavyweight Boxer, David Rodriguez, Says Hollywood Pedos are Real and ‘Actually Drink Adrenochrome

Boxer David Rodriguez normally fights in the ring. But recently, the fighter came out to give his two cents on Hollywood pedophilia rings.

Marco De Francis | Humans are Free – In case you aren’t aware, more and more is coming out that shows there is a serious problem in Hollywood, and elsewhere. The viral documentary, Out of Shadows sheds light on how bad things are.

Rodriguez says he has connections in Hollywood and can confirm that there is a huge child abuse problem that has been going on for years.

Heavyweight Boxer, David Rodriguez, Says Hollywood Pedos Are Real And 'actually Drink Adrenochrome'

But the good news is there’s a sting operation working to take it all down. And any day now, news of all this will hit the presses, according to Rodriguez.

In the video below, Rodriguez tells the world what he knows.

He says that there are “pedophile rings being taken down.” That “there are children sacrifices where people actually drink adrenochrome.”

Adrenochrome is a drug made from tortured people, usually children.

If you think that’s all crazy bull… have you seen this?


What about this adrenochrome patent. Or this one.

Rumor has it, elite pedophile rings and human trafficking facilities, harvest the drug from tortured children.

Rodriguez claims he knows people in Hollywood and says it is real. Even Barack Obama’s brother has posted about it on twitter.

But before you go grab your bottle of Bourbon to drown away your tears, which is a pretty normal reaction, you should realize that good people are doing something about it.

Rodriguez says “I gotta tell you, a lot of you don’t like Trump but he’s doing the right thing right now.”

Rodriguez isn’t the only one who thinks this.

Have you ever heard of QAnon? This is the alleged positive military operation that is taking down the deep state.

And frankly, after pouring through thousands of Q posts and proofs, I think it really is what it claims to be.

Check out this Q proof video, and if you have evidence that disproves it, please share it with me. Because I couldn’t disprove any of it.

Should we believe Rodriguez?

I don’t know.

He’s just talking into the camera in an off-the-cuff style. But his testimony might lead to an investigation. Or, at least it should, if you ask me.

I won’t speculate too much on what he means with everything he says.

But if you add his testimony to the dozens of facts, like Allison Mack’s involvement in NXIVM, Harvey Weinstein’s conviction, and Jeffrey Epstein’s murder… ahem — excuse me — suicide, then it’s starting to look like there really is a massive pedophile network involving high profile people.

And according to the documentary Rodriguez talks about, Out of Shadows, the CIA and other officials are actively covering up institutional child abuse.

Here’s the video of Rodriguez. 

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