Throw Your Baby and Twerk to an Abortion Song

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New Tik Tok Trend: Parents Throwing Their Babies Off Camera and Then Twerking to Abortion Song

Paul Watson | News Wars – A new trend going viral on Tik Tok has parents and older siblings throwing their babies off camera to the tune of a hip-hop song about abortion before twerking.

Yes, really.

In yet another desperate effort for dopamine and social media clout, parents and siblings, most of whom appear to be African-American, are seen lip syncing to the song Baby by Blueface, which features the lyrics, “No baby, we can’t have the baby. If you don’t take this Plan B, b****, it’s plan C.”

Plan B is a reference to the morning after pill. Plan C is presumably abortion.

My Comment, not Paul Watson’s – The following is NOT a Mother. This is a filthy WHORE who needs to have the child taken away from her and then Sterilized!

The babies are then thrown off to the side or behind, with the user in most instances not even checking to see if they landed safely before twerking or performing some other kind of dance in front of the camera.

The rapper Blueface is also promoting the demented ‘challenge’ via his Instagram page, commenting, “Grab da nearest baby.”

Numerous Tik Tok users commenting on the ‘trend’ noted its degenerate nature.

Here is the other Filthy video Paul Watson has in the eorginal, but I won’t post here. It shows multiple Reprobates throwing babies and twerking!

“I’d be disappointed if my mom threw me then proceeded to shake ass for the internet,” said one.

“Imagine tossing your infant child for a blue face tiktok challenge,” remarked another.

“Someone should legit call child services on these people,” added another.

Yet another reason to ban Tik Tok, most of which consists of teenage girls dancing around provocatively in scenes that wouldn’t look out of place in Netflix’s pedo-friendly Cuties film.

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