Sexual Abuse of Children by Staff at Texas Border Facility

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Leaked Audio Appears to Reveal Alleged Sexual Abuse of Children by Staff at Texas Border Facility

Julian Conradson | Gateway Pundit – Leaked audio from a training session inside a Texas federal shelter for unaccompanied migrant children suggests that staffers have been sexually abusing the minors in their custody.

The recordings paint a horrifying picture of what these children are subjected to once they are placed in the hands of the political operatives who are running these facilities.

“We have already caught staff with minors inappropriately. Is that OK with you guys? – Un-named presenter to staff at Fort Bliss.

Reason had reported on the allegations back in May but the recordings to substantiate their claims were just released.

The severely overcrowded facility in Fort Bliss held 5,000 minors at its peak in the spring. By May, when the audio was recorded, US Health and Human Services was able to help alleviate some of the overflow, getting the number of children down to around 3,000.

During the training session, staff was instructed to intervene if they witnessed inappropriate behavior between staff members and minors, but the speaker makes no mention of reporting such behavior. 

“If you catch them, especially if it’s a staff member, you separate that minor from that person immediately.”

The recording also reveals how minors have been complaining that staff would violently bounce them up and down on their bed to wake them up in the morning, which even the presenter called “child abuse.” 

“I know there have been a lot of complaints from minors about staff members waking them up in the morning. We’ve got some staff members that are picking up and shaking the bed to wake up the minor. Or they’re bouncing them on the bed. They think they’re being playful, but that constitutes child abuse. I want you guys to know that.”

Recording Here

audio from inside a federal shelter for migrant kids in Texas, a trainer tells staffers that if there is sexual behavior between staff and minors “you separate that minor from that person immediately, ok?”


The audio was released just days after two whistleblowers filed a report against the same border facility. They said they were told to downplay the numbers on positive cases and that federal officials are attempting to cover up a severe Covid outbreak.

HHS Whistleblowers Claim They Were Told to Hide Real COVID Situation Among ‘Child Migrants’

After years of calling Trump racist and blaming him for putting kids “in cages” (despite them being built by Obama), Biden’s borderless mayhem has resulted in more children being in these facilities than ever before, and they are being terribly abused.

Where is the outrage now?


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