Fat Jezebel Fantasizes About Babies Strangling to Death on Umbilical Cords

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BLM Leader Fantasizes About Babies Strangling to Death On Umbilical Cords As Crowd Cheers Her On

Baxter Dmitry | News Punch – A Black Lives Matter leader in Portland whipped a baying crowd into a frenzy while proclaiming that police officers should be hung and electrocuted “like a piece of burnt bacon” and fantasizing about babies being strangled to death with their umbilical cords.

The BLM activist then told her Marxist “comrades” that she was ready and willing to shoot police officers.

In a video shared Monday on Twitter, the BLM activist speaks through a megaphone and expresses her twisted desire to have police officers strangled in the womb with their own umbilical cords.

Her horrific, unconscionable words were met with applause.

Your mother’s umbilical cord should have wrapped around your neck and choked you just the way you choked George Floyd, you filthy animal,” she said.

Not only should that umbilical cord should have wrapped around your neck, it should not have wrapped around your neck once, it should have wrapped around your neck three, two times. … It should have wrapped around your neck so many times, to where you yelled, ‘I can not breathe,‘” the woman said.

The BLM activist then told her Marxist “comrades” that she was ready and willing to shoot police officers.

You think that you’re a good person because you have a gun. My comrades already know, I tell them every Thursday right there in their face, ‘I know you got a gun, but so do I,’” she said.

Go ahead and shoot me, I’m a shoot back. Am I lying, my comrades? You shoot me I’m going to shoot you back.”

The short video ends with the BLM activist proclaiming that cops should be hung and electrocuted.

They need to hang you high, not hang you low. They need to send you to the electric chair and let you fry like a piece of burnt bacon.

WesternJournal report: So much for the left not supporting capital punishment. As horrendous as those last several murderous comments are, the activist’s first few words on the killing of babies reflect a pro-infanticide position that has been embraced by many Democrats over the past couple of years.

In February 2019, congressional Democrats blocked a bill that would have forced doctors to save the life of babies who had survived abortions.

They argued the bill was unnecessary given that it is already illegal to kill a newborn.

However, evidence shows that infanticide does, in fact, happen. According to a state Department of Health report, three babies died in Minnesota in 2018 alone after being born alive following failed abortions.

The left-wing’s pro-infanticide logic tracks. If a baby is just a bundle of cells while it’s still in the mother’s womb, that same baby doesn’t magically have a right to live one second later when it’s sitting on the operating table.

So the passionate activist in Portland wasn’t some crazed radical out of touch with the mainstream left. She was merely sharing some of the tenets of the Democratic Party.

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