U.S. Marshals Rescue 123 Missing Children in One-Day Operation

Michigan recovery operation of sex-trafficked children successful, says law enforcement News Wars – 123 missing children have been found and rescued in Michigan in a daring one-day operation by law enforcement, according to the U.S. Marshals. The sweep, called Operation MISafeKid, was conducted on Sept. 26 in Wayne County by the Detroit Missing Child Recovery … Click Here to Read More

Dozens of Children in Iowa have Vanished in lead up to the Blood Moon Eclipse

While one young college student has made headlines after she disappeared, dozens of children have gone missing in the same state. It just so happens that several days of preperation have coincided with the much hyped Blood Moon Eclipse! See the whole Satanic Ritual Calendar here Jul 1 Demons Revel blood Druid sexual association with … Click Here to Read More

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