Police Take Down Largest Child Sex Abuse Ring in Australia

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Men arrested allegedly filmed themselves raping boys aged between four and seven

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police arrested nine men during raids on the child sex abuse ring

Federal authorities in Australia have taken down the country’s largest child sex ring, according to reports. The child abuse operation was busted after disturbing footage of men allegedly raping young boys was shared on the dark web. Nine men were arrested across Australia on Thursday over allegations they sexually assaulted children and shared videos of their horrific crimes online.

Two of the men – aged 21 and 26 – were charged with allegedly raping eight children in Kendall, where missing boy William Tyrrell was last seen in September 2014. Australian Federal Police have refused to comment on whether they believe any men in the child sex ring have links to William’s disappearance.

One of the men previously worked at the childcare center in the small country town, The Courier Mail reports.

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