Child Sex Trafficking in America

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Navy vet: Expose ‘rancid core’ of sex trafficking, rescue the kids

J.M. Phelps | One News Now – Child sex trafficking is an uncomfortable topic to discuss publicly, but one hardened military veteran says it can be done through faith in God and a call to fight against evil.

With a day of worldwide awareness just around the corner, OneNewsNow spoke to Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, the founder of Veterans for Child Rescue (V4CR), about the oft-ignored topic and rampant crime of child trafficking, particularly in America.

Providing some background history, Sawyer said the area he grew up in – north of Houston, Texas – was a “hot spot” for child trafficking in the United States. About six years ago, the former combat veteran said he was deeply disturbed by this fact. In fact, less than a year ago, Harris County district attorney Kim Ogg described the metropolis as “ground zero for sex trafficking.”

Sawyer had considered the area to be a “very patriotic area [and surmised] the culture [in and around Houston] so counter to any sort of harm to children.” He described the area as a “sanctuary of freedom and liberty,” not one defiled by horrific crimes committed against children.

“For [Houston] to turn out to be the epicenter of child sex trafficking and to hear that they were keeping children in dog kennels in some cases, and it was a $38 billion a year enterprise in the United States … I couldn’t wrap my mind around it,” he admits.

Shortly thereafter, he learned from federal law enforcement agents investigating some of these cases that Houston “was the frontline [and] what was being done to God’s most precious and innocent was heartbreaking and deliberate.” What is more, the son of a pastor admits “it is a spiritual battle.”

The spiritual battle

“When you get past the $38-50 billion a year financial benefit to the criminals, past all the sexual perversion, past all the sadistic, abusive power trips of those participating, and past all the political blackmail that’s involved in child sex trafficking, that’s when you get all the way down to the rancid core of what is a frontline clash between good and evil on this earth,” Sawyer points out.

The former SEAL Team SIX operator says “there is no darker, no more contentious battle line [where] people do the most unthinkable to God’s precious and innocent.”

And the industry “enjoys a lot of top cover,” he adds. “It’s so pervasive because it’s kept so secret. It’s targeting our children and our next generations, and it’s absolutely destroying the future of our nation.”

The Navy vet likens child trafficking to a hostile, covert operation being run against the United States – and with a background in covert operations, he knows that “the worst thing you can do to your enemy is ruin their operation by exposing it.”

“It’s a spiritual attack at its core,” he reiterates. “[And on top of that], the best contribution in this fight would be what the military calls compromising the enemy’s operation – exposing it, lifting the lid of secrecy off of it, and ruining its effectiveness.”

When child traffickers lose their secrecy, the decorated veteran contends, they will lose their ability to commit their grievous crimes.

The enemy’s response

When a person engages in such a “spiritual conflict” and begins to expose traffickers’ grotesque acts, “Satan will come for you, and you will be attacked,” Sawyer continues – quickly adding, however, that when submitting to God’s direction, one can boldly stand against those attacks.

“God will stun you at the effectiveness at which he demonstrates he has your back – but it takes incredibly strong faith to be in this fight,” he warns.

“This is a time when all of this [evil] is meant to come out, and the American populace has a decision to make,” Sawyer maintains. “Millions of abortions and the outright destruction, sale, rape, torture, and murder of God’s precious children is being controlled and funded by evil people.”

“Once the American people are aware of this, we can either denounce it and stand up and take action so God can bless us – or we can shrug it off and let it ride, and suffer God’s wrath in our ignorance,” the V4CR founder determines.

“The fact of the matter is, it’s not going to be allowed to continue in silence any longer,” he concludes. “I believe now is the time we choose.”  Source: One News Now

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